Help and frequently asked questions.

What is ironfell?

Ironfell is an independently made time travel themed hex-tile MMORTS game. Its a simple strategy game, set in a persistent world. Imagine chess, with 100+ pieces, with an infinite board, and thousands of people all playing together at the same time.

Can I play Ironfell on Android or Windows?

Ironfell is available for iPhone, iPad and MacOS computers. An Android version will be next, and then Windows.

Can I play Ironfell on an older iPad or iPhone?

Ironfell requires iOS 12.2 or newer. That includes iPad Air (1st generation), iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6. For a full list of devices that run iOS 12 and *should* see:

Who are you?

I’m David Colquhoun, a guy from New Zealand who likes to build things. DataSmugglers is the name of my company. When I’m not making a MMO, I work for advertising agencies. I’ve built; 3D graphics engines, viral microsites with millions of views, games, CMS’s, physical robots, virtual changing rooms and banner ads. Thanks to the talented people I’ve worked with; projects I’ve been a part of have won a truckload of awards from Emmys to Gold Lions. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at

Can I change my name, email or colour?

Not yet. This is something I will add in the future.

Can I change my password?

Yes! If you Sign Out of the game, and click on Forgot Password, you can go through the Forgot Password process to change your password.

Can I sign into my account more than once?

Yes, you can sign into your account (using the same email and password) on multiple devices at the same time. But you can only sign into one of your games (also known as an alt, or alternate) on one device at a time. You’ll probably want a main account, then use an alt on another device to watch other people or places.

Is there going to be a way to buy in game resources?

Yes, but not straight away. We need a lot more players before I’ll add that.

Is there going to be a way to trade in game resources?

Nope, too much grief.


You begin Ironfell with an Explorer and a Pony.

Tap your Explorer, it’s menu appears at the bottom of the screen. In the menu Tap on the Wood Shack. Build a Wood Shack next to your Explorer. The Wood Shack can build a Woodcutter. Select your Woodcutter, then tap a Tree to chop it down. Now you have more Wood!

You need resources like Wood and Food to build new buildings and people.

Food comes from Farmlets, built by Farmers. The farms give you more food every hour.

From your Wood Shack, build a Miner, take them to an Iron Deposit and build a Small Mine on top of the Iron Deposit. Each Small Mine gets you 100 Iron per hour.

Knowledge comes from Colleges and Universities.

Oil comes from Pump Jacks built over Oil Seeps.

Electricity comes from Oil Generators and their attached Oil Tanks.

Microchips and Uranium aren’t used… yet! One day they will be needed to build Spaceships.

Everyone playing Ironfell is playing in the same massive world. All the units and buildings you see are made by other players.

Colleges make Stonemasons who can make Stone Circles. If you make a pair of Stone Circles with matching code words, they will connect to each other, allowing you to travel between them. You can use Stone Circles to connect with your friends playing Ironfell.

Look out for Tunnels and Whirlpools, you and your units can travel through these gateways to find new places and other players units and buildings.

If you get lost, use the location menu at the top of the screen, to jump back to your Start Location.