Ironfell is back!

Now available for iPhone iPad and as MacOS desktop app.

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Embark on an epic crusade across all of space and time in real time. From humble beginnings, you and your ponies can explore and conquer thousands of realms by land and by sea.

Collect resources, build an army, and crush those who dare challenge you (or just plant flowers and raise ponies).

In Ironfell you can can gather stockpiles of resources to gain an unfair advantage over your enemies. The longer you’ve been playing for, the more resources you have, the stronger you are. And you take that full advantage into battles set in a massive persistent world.

Start a new rogue-like game every day or build an impregnable fortress that nobody can destroy.

  • Over 2000 realms
  • Dinosaurs!
  • Over 100 units
  • Whirlpools!
  • Fast native app
  • Castles!
  • No in game chat or sign posts.
  • Flagships!

Everyone plays in the same massive persistent world.